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Introduction to Systemic Racism Workshop

The purpose of this workshop is to introduce the idea that racism is a systemic, institutional problem of power and to create the rationale for a structural intervention to dismantle it. To address the racism present in our world, we must first learn how it was born, nurtured, and grew into the manifestations we see today. Racism is not just out there in the world and in our country, racism is also present in and impacts our neighborhoods and our congregations.


Join us for ‘The Journey’

Starting the first week of Advent, Debbie Rundlett, our transitional executive presbyter, will be sharing some thoughts on transition in a weekly email blog post. Sign up here.


2016 General Assembly Overture Deadline

The deadline for ALL overtures to the 2016 General Assembly is the February Presbytery Assembly meeting, February 13, 2016. For more information, see the 2015 Procedures for Submitting Overtures or contact the Stated Clerk, Barbara Bundick at bbundick@chicagopresbytery.org.


FAQ for Transition and Reorganization

How will transitions in the presbytery affect my congregation? What will the new Presbytery Community Organizer be doing?


2016 Per Capita is $33.00

The 2016 Per Capita amount is $33.00. Find out how per capita is used.


Marriage Reading List

A theologically diverse group of teaching and ruling elders in the Presbytery of Chicago reviewed and supplemented this list of resources, designed to help congregational discussions on homosexuality and same-gender marriage.


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