In Formation? Transformation! another right answer

I went to a meeting last night and it was actually fun, exciting and possibly transformational.

The group included staff people, work group moderators, Presbytery Council members and elected leaders of the Presbytery of Chicago. We watched the film, Everyday Creativity, by DeWitt Jones, a freelance photographer who has done a lot of work for National Geographic.

Afterwards, Bob Reynolds invited us to share phrases we’d heard in the film that might help us deal with fear, change, and the identity of the POC.  DeWitt Jones packs a number of meaningful phrases into one short film, including:

  • Change your perspective.
  • There’s always more than one right answer.
  • Reframe problems into opportunities.
  • Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.
  • Train your technique.

In his trip to the River Tweed, Jones made every effort to set up shots where he thought something would happen next. He anticipated change and  raced to meet it.

Our group buzzed with ideas triggered by the film. Carlene Hyrams said she had thought we were in a “wilderness period” but now she thinks she was wrong. She said we know how to handle a wildernesss. She asked “What if this is a famine?” She continued (I didn’t take notes, so this is a paraphrase), That would explain what’s so frightening. We don’t know how to handle a famine. She said we need to sow during the famine.

Bob Hutchins said if something (like our building) is the symbol of our fear, why not get out now and go to where our perspective can change? It was a night to think large.

It was also a night to think about what small means. Barbara Bundick said maybe this is a time  for cultivating a Zen garden.

We left full of ideas with more to say.

Adele Hensley, Resource Center Coordinator
Presbytery of Chicago

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