What is a commissioner?

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There were 712 elected Commissioners to the 219th General Assembly in 2010. Half of the commissioners are ministers of the word and sacrament (teaching elders), while the other half are elders (ruling elders). Commissioners are elected by the presbyteries, with each presbytery allotted a proportional number of commissioners to their size. You may be surprised by the wonderful mix of faces and ages and experiences that you see in the commissioners you meet.

Commissioners have the right to speak and vote in committee and at plenary business meetings of the Assembly. They can make motions and be elected to serve as moderator and vice moderator.

A commissioner to the General Assembly serves on behalf of all the members of all the congregations of t his denomination. A commissioner is not representing a particular congregation or presbytery, but rather serving the whole church and God as guided by the Holy Spirit. To be a commissioner is to carry a great responsibility.

Source: “What is the General Assembly” narrated slide show

For more information see: The 2011-2013 Book of Order or the Standing Rules of the General Assembly

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