Highlights From the Small Church Gathering – Sept 6, 2011

The Small Church Gathering is a group of

  • Teaching Elders,
  • Ruling Elders,
  • and other Church Leaders

that meet together monthly. This group grew out of a deep need for folks who are leading small churches to gather together for

  • fellowship
  • support
  • brainstorming
  • storytelling
  • and sharing resources.

This group is supported by the Commission on Ministry (COM) and Develop Congregations as well as Empower Ministry. However it has grown organically out of the need felt by the pastors and leaders of small churches who face particular joy and challenges!

If you are a pastor or leader in a small congregation (worshiping less than 100 on a Sunday) please consider joining us in October.

What comes up at the Small Church Gathering:

shared stories of community ministry and experiences, sharing resources to pay shared staff, seeking to be a thriving and faithful communities that learn new ways of seeing ourselves… yes we’re small but new and good life in Christ isn’t only measured in numbers
sharing ideas about childrens’ ministries and youth programming, how the concept of membership is changing, how to minister to Millennials, developing and empowering new and experienced leaders, forming partnerships with one another

We have a goal in the works… currently it looks like this:

Small Church Gathering: Creating faithful and thriving churches through fellowship, storytelling, building relationships and identifying resources (all the while attending to the movement of the Holy Spirit).

In the future this group will alternate meeting times so that it is available for those who are not able to come during business hours. If you have questions or suggestions please email one of the co-facilitators, Shawna Bowman or Debbie Dennis.

Read Debbie Dennis’ review of Raising Small Church Esteem, a title available for check out from the Presbytery Resource Center.

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