New FOG, new language

For those who have been active in the presbytery for a while, you’ll see some unfamiliar names on a couple important committees around the site.

Presbytery Council is now Presbytery Coordinating Commission

Committee on Ministry is now Commission on Ministry

Committee on Preparation for Ministry is now Commission on Preparation for Ministry

And Governing Bodies (as in, “presbyteries are Mid-Governing Bodies”) are now Councils (so presbyteries are Mid-Level Councils)

Note that Committee on Nominations and Committee on Representation stay the same, still as Committees. Some familiar titles have been tweaked as well:

Ministers of the Word and Sacrament are now Teaching Elders

Elders in congregations are now Ruling Elders

And it follows that Commissioned Lay Pastors are now Commissioned Ruling Elders

These changes are the result of PCUSA’s New Form of Government, which went into effect July 10, 2011. Information about committees and titles referring to events prior to that date can use the old vocabulary, but when referring to present and future events, this site will use the new vocabulary. We updated this site and the presbytery’s policies, but if you notice an inconsistency, just shoot us an email.

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