2012 Per capita is $30.44

Through per capita, Presbytery of Chicago churches:

  • Help congregations with pastoral transitions
  • Train and support interim ministers
  • Resolve congregational conflicts
  • Care for ministers and Christian Educators and their families
  • Help prepare people for service as ordained ministers

You can share the 2012 Chicago Presbytery Per Capita Brochure with your congregation or read more about per capita from GA.

2 Responses to “2012 Per capita is $30.44”

  1. Greg Beglen Says:


    I am the treasuruer of First Pres of LaGrange IL. Historically we have collected this fee separately from our members, but there is interest in combining it with the pledge giving in the future, and not have a separate collection. Is that approach acceptable? What would be reason for keeping it a separate collection?

    Many Thanks,
    Greg Beglen

  2. Eric Heinekamp Says:

    In the presbytery we have almost as many ways of collecting per capita as we do congregations. In general, congregations fall into three categories.
    Group 1) Many of our churches ask members to pay their own per capita. They may use special envelopes, a special collection, or whatever works. These churches then supplement what they receive with other funds to pay their entire per capita invoiced. These tend to be our smaller and mid-sized congregations.
    Group 2) Many of our smaller congregations do something similar but only remit what they collect from members. They simply cannot afford any more.
    Group 3) Our larger congregations tend not to ask members for per capita but just pay their invoiced amount out of their general operating budget. These congregations also tend to remit their per capita on a set schedule throughout the year. Some pay monthly, others quarterly.

    It sounds like you are looking to move from Group 1 to Group 3 which works great. In many ways that is the simplest for the congregation.
    I hope that helps.

    Rev. Eric Heinekamp
    Director of Business Affairs
    Presbytery of Chicago

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