All-Black Governing Bodies

The “how we got here” story is a long one but suffice it to say a mini-victory happened today.  I just received the PDF version of the out-of-print All-Black Governing Bodies history written at the behest of the General Assembly and published in 1996.

Why is this important?  Well we are living through a time of change with regard to the ways we structure ecclesiastical life and when we do this we often use examples we understand to build on – that is happening now with a conversation about non-geographic presbyteries and synods.  The problem is when the discussion is happening it is often being conducted without a full understanding of history and how we’ve done this before.  In fact, non-geographic presbyteries in particular are seen as a way to retain unity by allowing folks to assemble by affinity or “like-ness”.

This history was not included in the Middle Governing Body Commission conversation about structures in the PCUSA and predecessor denominations.  I include it so at your leisure you may also learn of the rich history of All-Black Governing Bodies.

Grace and peace,

The Rev. Molly Casteel
Assistant Stated Clerk and Manager, Representation and Inclusiveness Services
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) | Office of the General Assembly

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