Social sharing in your newsletter or website


<a title="Click to share this on Twitter" href=" characters and a link or %23hashtag or @mention">Share on Twitter</a>

Official Twitter Icons (and buttons if you don’t want to code it yourself)


<a title="Click to share this on Facebook" href="">Share on Facebook</a>

Official Facebook Icons and pre-coded Buttons

One-button “Share This” on multiple platforms

This site will spit out customized code for you.

Email this

<a href="mailto:?subject=How to add an Email This link&body=New paragraph: %0A Second paragraph">Email this page</a>

If you want the email to go to someone specific, stick their email address after “mailto:” and before “?subject”

Add to Calendar

If you have Outlook, create an event and and save it as a .ics file. Then upload that file to your site, and make a link to it. People with Outlook can download that file to their calendar. Google Calendar: use this form to generate the event, then paste the code it spits out on your site (or just copy the event URL out of the rest of the code and make your own link). People can then go to a webpage with your event info. Neither Outlook nor Google Calendar are forthcoming with official icons.


If the official social media icons aren’t doing it for you, do a search for “free socal media icons sets” and then look NOT at the icon repository sites, but rather web design blogs (like Those blogs are recommending to their readers 10 or 20 or 300  of their favorite icon sets. The advantage to this is that when you pick one of these sets…all your icons match! And you are less likely to download a virus in the bundle.

Final note

Test links yourself before you go live with them. All you have to do is click it and see if what happens is what you expect. Save yourself the embarrassment.

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