Connecting around your role(s)

2012 Presbytery Moderator Deb Paton and Moderator Elect Julio Pena touch base before a Presbytery Assembly meeting

It can be hard to find people who are working on the same problems as you are in your ministry, be it putting together bulletins or managing a large staff. But without these connections, the wheel is reinvented over and over. It’s great when you find such people locally in nearby churches, but until that happens, here are some options that are not geographically bound. These networks that can save you time and offer some fellowship:

NACBA – National Association of Church Business Administration

Administrative Personnel Association of the PCUSA – professional development for those called by God to serve as support staff

APCE (APP-see) – Association of Presbyterian Church Educators

X Pastor – very grounded, day-to-day idea-sharing for executive pastors

Church Technical Leaders – For A/V and the techie aspect of the “performance” of worship

Presbyterian Communicators Network – Sign up for their newsletter to get national news you can use in your local newsletter.

Social media: #chsocm is a group that you can actually engage in dialog with. Internet Toolbox for Churches and Church Marketing Sucks are insightful blogs. – This is generally good to know: whether you’re a professional, creative, or techie, there is likely a relevant group in your area on Meetup.

What networks that you count on are missing from this list?

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