December 11, 2012 Special Assembly

Members of Chicago Presbytery voted to approve a contract with a buyer of the Presbytery Camps in Saugatuck, Michigan. Many of those gathered view camping ministry as an essential component to our mission, and are looking ahead for ways to maintain an outdoor ministry. The Future Camping Ministry Team shared several such options at the November Assembly meeting. The Assembly also voted in November to adopt a Rationale for Outdoor Ministry policy to guide the future of this important ministry.

Additionally, you’ll see quite a lot of comments on the Chicago Presbytery facebook pageand website from people who must mourn the loss of the camp, where they have beloved memories. We are a big, diverse community – and differences can be painful in cases like this. One way we address that is through our personal relationships with one another and another way by making major decisions by a vote. Who has a vote? Pastors and non-pastor leaders in all our churches (we call them “ruling elder commissioners”). They’ve been brainstorming, praying, and hearing from many voices to address the future of the camps since 2007.

What will happen with the money if the sale goes through? Since the camps belong to the whole presbytery, the money belongs to the whole presbytery. The first obligation is to pay off the debt, and it has yet to be determined which ministries remaining funds will be used for. After the closing of the sale in August 2013,  together the Assembly will discern their proper use.

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Text of Rev. Michael Kirby’s widely requested prayer given during the Assembly.

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