Pass The Bill for Common Sense Gun Legislation

At last night’s joint (4th, Lincoln Park, Lake View) petition drive meeting for Common Sense Gun Legislation, we agreed and split up to call all the churches (49) which picked up signature packets at November’s Oak Lawn Presbytery Assembly meeting but had yet to respond (42). Deadline: February.

Common Sense Gun Legislation is what we need in a form that most Illinoisians, Americans, Chicagoans can benefit from in increased safety on streets, at homes and in places of public assembly.

  1. Copy of the petition
  2. Fact sheet
  3. Background: Our Nov. 17 presentation to the Assembly 

Please help to realize this goal.

Seven of our churches ask that we add our signatures to theirs: Chicago Fourth Presbyterian Church, Chicago Lake View Presbyterian Church, Chicago Lincoln Park Presbyterian Church, Chicago Morgan Park Presbyterian Church, Broadview Community Presbyterian Church, Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church, Berkeley-Hillside Presbyterian Church

May we somehow achieve this at this juncture.

Sign online at
Or mail completed petition pages by February 22 to:

Pass The Bill c/o Vicky Curtiss
Fourth Presbyterian Church
126 E. Chestnut Street
Chicago, IL 60611

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