How can we serve (you)?

A small group of us from Morton Grove Community Church are looking for various short term (1 day projects) mission type opportunities at various non-profit organizations in the Chicagoland area. We could help at a soup kitchen, paint, clean, organize or assist with a fundraiser. We’d be happy to partner with another church as we are a very small congregation.

Post a comment below with ideas or to invite the group to your church.

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  1. Laura Cathey Says:

    One great way to volunteer that a number of our congregations do is the Night Ministry. Maybe their direct services provided on a bus that travels the city fits what your group is looking for. If so, their number is 773-784-9000 and email is They had a staff member devoted to congregational engagement – he just left, not sure if they’ve replaced him yet.

  2. Julia Jones Says:

    A couple thoughts come to mind. The Chicago Presbytery Kits Harvest, which will be Saturday, November 16 at Park Ridge Presbyterian, will need volunteers to check through the kits and “quality control” them. Contact Julia at the IL office of CWS for more info or to express interest: (630) 200-4572.

    Also, if you want something just a bit further afield, an organization called Rockford Urban Ministries, in Rockford, IL, is always looking for groups during the summer to help with exactly the kinds of projects you’ve mentioned. Contact Stan Campbell at (815) 964-7111.

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