Faith in Action with Children’s Mission Day

Written by Susan P. Dudek, Coordinator of Children’s Ministries – First Presbyterian Church in LaGrange

The Kindergarten through 2nd grade class makes Easter cards for the children our church sponsors in Palestine.

On Mission Day the children of LaGrange First put the faith they are learning about into action, spreading God’s love by caring for others. The children, age 3 through 8th grade, learned about their mission as Christians to spread Christ’s love in the world, and how, when they have a window of opportunity to help someone, they should have the courage to open it.  Children rotated through these mission activities:

  • They learned about the children we sponsor in Palestine and made them Easter cards.
  • They made cards to send cancer patients through Phil’s Friends, a faith-based charity that provides hope, support and comfort to cancer patients.
  • Under the direction of one of our 7th-graders, who has championed Project Linus, they made blankets for the group, that provides the security, warmth and comfort of homemade blankets to children who are ill and traumatized.
  • They assembled mini-hygiene kits for the pediatric clinic at Community Nurse Association
  • In order to always remember to look for their Windows of Opportunity, they made their own stained glass window suncatchers, modeled after the rose window in our church.

We took advantage of the longer church school time during our Annual Meeting on February 24th to have the Mission Day.  Approximately 50 children participated in this joint venture by the Children’s Ministry and Mission and Outreach Committees. View pictures from the Mission day on Facebook.

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