Our Brothers and Sisters in Christ – Helping a new church

Written by Rev. Charles S. Miyamoto, Specialized Clergy

The Japanese Church of Chicago is a Japanese language speaking church in Arlington Heights.  They are not a PCUSA church but have been associated with the Church of Christ, Presbyterian in Chicago.  They are in a building program – from the ground up.  They purchased land, started to build their own facility, and are in the finishing stages of this great project.  The congregation is small but full of passion and purpose.  Their needs are big but I told Rev. Yugo Kobari that I would pass on their needs to our POC churches to see if there are churches who could/want to help – by God’s grace.  Here is the list:

  1. Carpet
  2. Audio System equipment, ie speakers, mics
  3. Projector screen
  4. Mini-blinds
  5. Baptistery help (they immerse)
  6. Deck material for outside patio area
  7. Rider mower
  8. Grand piano
  9. AC System equipment

Again, there needs are big.  The building is very raw.  The structure is up, the walls are in, but they have a lot of needs to fill.  The contact for the Japanese Church of Chicago is the Rev. Yugo Kobari, 847-323-3090.

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