Trade Pulpits July 14!


The Minister's View photo by Charles Clegg

We are inviting preachers in the Presbytery of Chicago to put their names into a One Sunday Pulpit Exchange.


You add your name to the box at the Mission at the April 20 Presbytery Assembly.
Trained Mystery Yentas will match preachers with pulpits by the end of the meeting and share the results.


For one or more worship services on Sunday, July 14, 2013 in another church in the Presbytery.


  • A change of scenery!
  • The chance to get a preacher you respect  in front of your congregation!
  • The opportunity to connect with another congregation or another pastor!
  • Fresh voices!
  • Multicultural exchanges!

What else?  Since we are trading, there is no need to pay the usual preaching honorarium.  This is purely volunteer and something fun for the summer.

Sign up at the April 20th Presbytery Assembly at the Mission Fair! (Won’t be there, but still want to participate?)

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  1. Jan Edmiston Says:

    So excited about this for our churches and our preachers. Hope we will have a diversity of churches/pastors sign up Saturday, April 20.

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