Laundry Love at Lansing

Written by Debbie Dennis, Ruling Elder at Lansing Presbyterian Church

With mission and service always at the heart of everything at Lansing Presbyterian (LPC), the people of LPC set out to find new ways to “meet their neighbors”. A project called “Laundry Love” was found showing people going to a local laundromat to offer quarters for a wash. LPC decided to adopt the project too.

After some conversation, a laundromat close to the church was chosen. This area, with many apartments, seemed to be one that might benefit from the gift of quarters, fellowship of friends and love of Christian brothers and sisters. After ministering for eight months, LPC has shared over $1000. Each month regular customers visit, and there are always some new surprised faces. No matter who they are, the greeting of “what a blessing” resounds every time.

Our young people play games and color with the children; and since we do the bakery’s laundry, there are lots of free donuts to share. We have made friends, exchanged stories, laughed together and shared many, many hugs. Perhaps the greatest blessing of all is that this project has connected neighbors to neighbors who would not have otherwise interacted. People leave each month with baskets of clean clothes and hearts filled with clean, refreshed spirits.

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