Preparing Children for Worship

by Betsy Curtin, Chair Christian Education Committee, Elk Grove Presbyterian
In recent years, some of the focus of Christian Education at Elk Grove Presbyterian Church has been educating our children in worship activities. The areas we concentrate on are: Communion, Children’s Time, Service, and Offering. Each of these is very important and we help the children understand the physical act as well as the spiritual meaning.

For Communion, each of our very youngest members receives a green grape and a special blessing from Rev. Lynne Savidis as their “communion”. This is a very special time for these children and they look forward to it every month. When they get a little older, we offer a communion class. After participating in that class, they are eligible to take adult communion.

During Children’s Time, Rev. Savidis will offer a kid friendly version of the bible passages. In summer worship (when there is no Sunday school), the children are asked to color pages that correlate with the scriptures of the day. When the service is almost over, Rev. Lynne invites the children with their colored pages up to the chancel area to show the congregation, and then they help with the benediction. This makes the children feel so important and they love it!

“We are an Offering” is a once a month service during Children’s Time. The children collect donated food items from the congregation for our Food Pantry and deposit the bags in baskets at the front of the church. Every week during Children’s Time, offering is collected. They look forward to putting their envelopes in the collection plate and consider it a good thing! Most churches would love to have adults who are as faithful in their giving.

Children are the future of the church and we need to educate them in all aspects!

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