Next steps: Camp Items list and Service of Remembrance

Dear Friend of Presbyterian Camps,

As stated in an earlier communication, our task is to find good homes for the contents of the camp. Click to view a list of available items, some memorabilia, others everyday items. We are grateful that much of the valuable institutional equipment is sought by other good camping ministries.

If you would like to reserve one of the items on this list, please send an email to Brad Fries at on or before Monday, March 24th, 8:00 am CST. Make sure to identify the item, including the line number, and which Saturday you will pick it up. If more than one person is interested in an item, a random drawing will decide the recipient. Requests received after March 24th will be taken but cannot be considered for items already reserved.

We will make every effort to send a reply letting you know that we received your email request. If you do not hear otherwise, your items will be available for pickup on the day you selected. If an item you selected is not available, we will contact you on or before Friday, March 28th for the March 29th pick up date or Friday, April 4th for the April 5th pick up date.

The times for pick up on Saturday, March 29th and Saturday, April 5th are from 8:00 am – 6:00 pm CST.

A Service of Remembrance is scheduled for Saturday, April 26th. [Updated details available.] Brad, Cindi & Dottie are working together to plan a special day and would like your help. If you would like to be part of planning this service or have some ideas, please contact one of us at the emails below.

We thank you for your support of this important ministry. We know we don’t have everyone’s email address so please share this email with all friends of Presbyterian Camps. If you have any questions, please contact Brad or one of the members of the Camp Closing Task Force.


Camp Closing Task Force
Brad Fries (
Cindi Karstens (
Dottie Earle (
Eric Heinekamp (
Bob Hutchins

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  1. Douglas Fischer Says:

    Memories though years ago bring back youthfulness and fond thoughts of old friends

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