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Karen Maurer

Ruling Elder Karen Maurer from First Presbyterian Church of Homewood, IL

I did not seek to be a commissioner to General Assembly, but am pleased to be one of the ten elected from the Presbytery of Chicago. As we began to receive information and instructions, the one thing that surprised me was the directive to bring a laptop (or equivalent), though it shouldn’t have. WORD has long since replaced the yellow pads I used to write on, and my desktop is a comfortable part of daily life. I know how to be attentive in long meetings, to read in preparation, to be thoughtful, to not be undone by strong differences of opinion, to be open to challenge, to be guided by what I know and believe to be true. But unless I can get comfortable with my new laptop, I won’t be able to vote at General Assembly. My children and grandchildren take technology for granted, but I am still resentful of the speed with which change happens. I make conscious decisions: I will learn this / I will not learn that…I draw the line here or there.

I am grateful for help received: from my daughter for checking options and ordering an appropriate computer; from Jeff for getting me started and doing the things I didn’t want to learn; from Ashley Murphy for getting me through the steps of registration; from Barb Bundick for patiently answering questions until I got past the stuck place in pc biz; and from those who will care for my dog for eight days. As the calendar turns over from May to June and the reality of Detroit and 221 approaches, I’m eager to meet my roommate (I don’t know her yet, but she’s a Presbyterian), reconnect with a few folks, and commit to being as responsible a commissioner as possible. I will be able to vote!

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  1. Elizabeth Tompkin Says:

    I read your blog with great interest: fond memories of sharing with you a CWS mission trip and love for children’s’ lit; challenges that a Commissioner of my generation meets as she anticipates attending a meeting of a PCUSA General Assembly. I hope all has gone well for you.

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