Actions on our GA Overtures

by Barbara Bundick, Stated Clark, Chicago Presbytery

overture-distortChicago Presbytery was busy this General Assembly, in no small part because of you. Advance Justice, COM, and boatloads of sessions brought overtures that were passed by Chicago Presbytery and sent on to the GA. We also supported two commissioners’ resolutions, brought by Beth Freese Dammers and John Vest.

Below is a quick summary of the actions taken by the GA on proposals from Chicago. Feel free to share this with your sessions, committee members, etc., etc. etc. You can look up the full text and more detailed outcomes of these overtures on¬†using their item numbers (e.g. “07-01”) listed here.

Overtures passed by the Presbytery of Chicago

07-01: On Distinguishing Between Biblical Terms for Israel and Those Applied to the Modern Political State of Israel in Christian Liturgy

Disapprove with Comment: Though the committee voted not to approve Item 07-01, we take the matter of language, and specifically the tension around the use of the term “Israel,” very seriously. We hope the discussion and education about the use of language continues.

Disapproved: 506-72-0

09-01: On Taking Meaningful Action to Reduce Gun Violence

Answer with action on another resolution: 09-07, which was approved: 484-87-0

09-11 Affirming the Importance of Maternal and Child Nutrition over 1000 Days

Approved by consent agenda.

10-02 On Amending W-4.9000, Marriage

Approve as amended: 429-175-0

The amendments clarified the text and emphasized that teaching elders and sessions may refuse to conduct same gender marriage ceremonies.

10-03 On Issuing an Authoritative Interpretation of W-4.9000 to Affirm Pastoral Discretion in Performing Marriage Ceremonies

Approved as amended: 371-238-0

The amendments clarified the text and emphasized that teaching elders and sessions may refuse to conduct same gender marriage ceremonies.

11-04 On the Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Drones)

Answer with action on Resolution 11-10, which was approved 436-132-0

11-07 On Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide

Approved with slight amendments by hand vote.

11-12 On Helping to Remedy the Tragic Conditions in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Approved with minor amendments by consent agenda.

12-01 On Amending G-2.0504b to Require Participation in the Benefits Plan of the PC(USA)

Disapproved by consent agenda.

Commissioners’ Resolutions signed by Presbytery of Chicago Commissioners

04-14 Support for a Just and Peaceful Compromise of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Disapproved 461-97-0

Comments during debate indicated that commissioners felt they did not have enough time to read or consider the attached proposal from the POC Ecumenical and Interreligious Work Group.

11-16 On Peace and Humanitarian Aid for Syria

Approved by consent agenda.

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