New poem from Rev. Rose Taul

Rose , Dianne , and Jerry

Rose , Dianne , and Jerry

Rev. Rose Taul (HR) is serving as a volunteer in Tamale, Ghana together with Rev. Dianne Shields (HR) and Dianne’s husband, ruling elder Jerry Shields. Dianne, Jerry, and Rose will be serving for six months at the Presbyterian Lay Training Center, preaching in local churches, teaching English, and leading workshops for pastors, lay leaders, and youth. Read more about their ministry on page 10 of the June 2014 Our Common Ministry. Rose wrote the following poem about the community in Tamale:

“Living at PLTC” –  7/19/2014

Walking, I observe

Plastic bags and empty cans

A bird ripped open, red and bleeding

Hungry goats butting it out for a leaf

Children sorting through a trash pile

And I weep.


Sitting by a window, I observe

Women worn down by another pregnancy

Five year olds swinging machetes

Skinny dogs hoping for affection and food

Hens running for their lives at mealtime

And I weep.


Standing in the road, I observe

Weeds choking out paths

Mud-colored buildings matching the ground

Unscreened windows and doors off hinges

Wood discard, nails face up

And I weep.


Wondering in my bed at night

Where is hope?  Occasionally in a glint of an eye

Or the dignified posture of a student,

Hidden treasure among the ruins

And I dream.

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  1. liz armstrong Says:

    Dear Rose Taul…….your words are…dignified, thoughtful, eloquent and sad. It is truly beautiful I am so grateful that I can say I know the Shields both Dianne and Jerry along with the poet Rose. I am going to make a copy of this and give to new folks so they know the type of people who walked the halls of FPCAH before them. Never a day goes by that I don’t think of you over there and say a word of prayer for your safe healthy return someday.I miss seeing all of you. Thank you Rose for your words. fondly,

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