September 16th, 2014 Assembly Summary

Mike Welf will be Commissioned Local Pastor to firefighters in Homewood

Mike Welf will be the Commissioned Local Pastor to firefighters in Homewood. More photos on Facebook.

Artwork created by the congregation of St James Presbyterian Church in Chicago provided the backdrop for heartfelt worship in the style of Grace Commons, a worshiping fellowship that shares their building.

Clerk’s Summary:



Download the conversation from Twitter (reverse chronological order): #chipres Tweet Binder

Top articles from the Presbytery’s news magazine Our Common Ministry include General Assembly Commissioner responses, mission from the Develop Congregations MPLT, and photos from Summer Camping 2014.

Commissioners to General Assembly:

Want to hear more? Watch a full video presentation from each speaker (2-8 minutes each).


TAG Talks:

Shawna Bowman sketchnotes - TAG Sept 16 2014

Sketchnotes by Rev. Shawna Bowman

  • Eric Heinekamp’s top 10 financial pitfalls for churches
  • Tom Taylor’s video on the risks and remedy of merging, using a case study of one of our churches
  • Iván Velasco on what you didn’t know about funding the multicultural congregation

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