2017 Per capita is $33.38

What is per capita?

It is a way Presbyterians share equally, responsibly, and interdependently in the costs of governing the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), no matter the size of their churches. Per capita contributions are:

  • requested from every
  • based on each church’s total
    active membership

This is the proposed 2017 per capita matrix, pending approval at the November 19, 2016 Presbytery Assembly meeting.

Per Capita Rate 2016 2017
General Assembly $7.12 $7.50
Synod of Lincoln Trails $3.81 $3.81
Presbytery of Chicago $22.07 $22.07
Total $33.00 $33.38


Through per capita, Presbytery of Chicago churches:

  • Help congregations with pastoral transitions
  • Train and support interim ministers
  • Resolve congregational conflicts
  • Care for ministers and Christian Educators and their families
  • Help prepare people for service as ordained ministers

You can share the 2017 Chicago Presbytery Per Capita Brochure with your congregation.

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