2018 Per capita is $33.61

What is per capita?

It is a way Presbyterians share equally, responsibly, and interdependently in the costs of governing the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), no matter the size of their churches. Per capita contributions are:

  • requested from every
  • based on each church’s total
    active membership

This is the  2018 per capita matrix approved at the December 2, 2017 Presbytery Assembly meeting.

Per Capita Rate 2017 2018
General Assembly $7.50 $7.73
Synod of Lincoln Trails $3.81 $3.81
Presbytery of Chicago $22.07 $22.07
Total $33.38 $33.61


Through per capita, Presbytery of Chicago churches:

  • Help congregations with pastoral transitions
  • Train and support interim ministers
  • Resolve congregational conflicts
  • Care for ministers and Christian Educators and their families
  • Help prepare people for service as ordained ministers

You can share the 2018 Chicago Presbytery Per Capita Brochure with your congregation.

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