Transition and Reorganization: What is the title of the new staff position?

The Connectional Mission Design Task Force recommended the title “Presbytery Community Organizer,” because in 2013, the Presbytery Assembly voted to accept the recommendations of the Vision and Praxis Team, much of which consisted of a commitment and ongoing inquiry into the practices and tools of community organizing. Community organizing is a process of building relationships and collaborations in order to bring about change, transformation, justice, or to increase awareness about issues that affect the broader community. Due to questions about the title, the Presbytery Assembly directed the search committee to review it.

The search committee met on December 18, and discussed at length the title of the new position. After considering several alternatives, it concluded that no alternative was as satisfactory as the originally proposed title, “Presbytery Community Organizer.” This title will signal to potential applicants the nature of the work and the sort of background the position requires.

Read more in the FAQ for Transition and Reorganization.

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