New Church Home for Stained Glass Windows

Submitted by Janet Santarelli, Orland Park

Teacher Stained Glass Window Orland Park was south hollandA set of stained glass windows, which previously hung at United Presbyterian Church of South Holland (closed October 2014), have been given new life at the Presbyterian Church in Orland Park. These windows will inspire present and future generations of people with beauty and grace and color and light, illustrating the qualities that Christ exhibited throughout His life.

We extend our gratitude to the O’Neil, Schuit and Munro families and the South Holland Presbyterian Church who have made it possible for us to enjoy these beautiful windows. We rededicated these beautiful windows in loving memory of Gerald O’Neil who is with God in Paradise.

This article was originally published on page 8 of the June 2015 Our Common Ministry, the presbytery’s newsletter. Download the complete issue.

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