Moderatorial Charge by Ashley-Anne Masters

Moderatorial Charge by Ashley-Anne Masters to Moderator Rev. Jennifer Burns Lewis

“Thank you for being you and thank you for saying yes to serve as our moderator. May you always feel such enthusiastic support as you do today.

As with all new things, often the final product is beautiful and inspiring, yet the process of getting there may be filled with a hot mess of really rough first drafts.

So, amid discerning and leading us through what the next new thing will be and look like, remember the wise words of Maya Angelou reminding us that we too “often delight in the beauty of the butterfly, yet rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.” Hold us accountable to admit the changes we have gone through, and still need to go through, if we are serious about transformation.

As you lead us, pay attention to the chairs and tables. And when the seats at the table are filled with only familiar faces, and the menu always looks the same, encourage us send invitations, change the menu, and add chairs.

Remind us that if we are serious about participating in justice rolling down like water, we must keep paying attention to who is really thirsty and what form of hydration they truly need.

Remind us that character and integrity are more powerful and freeing than popular opinion, no matter how long it make take for the truth to shine in the light.

Above all, remember your baptism, and never miss an opportunity to remind others of theirs. Make good choices. And lead us to do the same.”

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