Pastoral Prayer for 2-13-16 Presbytery Assembly

Crafted by Jan Edmiston and Jessica Gregory

Good and gracious God, be with us this afternoon as we find ourselves newly into the season of Lent, and guide us through this wilderness.

Help us to see these weeks before us as a journey –  to cast away our struggles and our demons, in hopes of receiving you more fully into our lives.  We ask that you make this Lent a season where we find our way out of darkness and find our way back to you.

Today, many are walking a road of grief.  And yet we thank you as we raise the names of those who have lived in faith and now rest in glory, especially for:

  • Rob Coffman
  • Sam Reason
  • Tom Gyori (pronounces Gerry)
  • Mike Nevling
  • Teofilo Tolentino

We thank you for the testimony of their lives and we pray for those who grieve the most in this season.  Let us feel your presence again as we mourn during this time of Lent.


This afternoon we also raise up our celebrations and joys.

  • We relish the retirement of our brother Steve and pray for him and his congregation in this time of transition.
  • And we relish the commencement of new ministries for TC and Kara, for Jennifer and John.
  • We celebrate the presence of Rocky and Ken and Nanette among us, as colleagues in ministry with new calls.
  • And we are grateful for the birth of children among us, and for expected births in the months to come.
  • We pray for healing for those hospitalized…for Karen and Adam and for those recovering from surgery…for Marian and Virginia.
  • We ask that the Palmono family feel your comforting presence in their time of mourning as they grieve the loss of a loved one.
  • We pray for Jan and Ed as they move to Indianapolis, grateful for the time they spent with us.
  • We ask for healing and strength for Jack.

Loving God, you are the Great Healer and yet, we recognize that Lent is a time of temptation and personal battles.

  • Bless all who struggle against urges that threaten to steal our joy and sap our energy.
  • Help us to fight the addictions that threaten our happiness, our health and our relationship with you.
  • Hear us as we whisper before you the names of those who need your tender care today (silence) . . .

In this time of transition for the Presbytery, for our congregations, for our families, we pray for your Church – for who we are now and who we will become.   We pray for our Presbytery Staff, for our Synod Staff, and for the ministry of Laurie Ferguson and Howard Mason.  (silence)

We pray for all congregations in transition as pastors and members shift and change.  Remind us, that – in times of spiritual confidence and in times of spiritual anxiety, you still call to be to be disciples and servants in the name of Jesus who risked everything to offer hope and love to a broken world.

And finally, we dare to pray for ourselves.  Guide us to fulfill the commitments we have taken on.  Gird us with a faith that move mountains and avoids dark caves.  Open us to risk what is new.

These things we pray in the name of the One who has taught us to pray . . . Our Father  ….

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