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Friendship Presbyterian Church is located at 6088 N. Northwest Hwy. in Chicago. We are a creative and innovative congregation that meets in the Norwood Park Metra Station, and a part of the PCUSA. To find out more about us check out our website at To apply for this position, please send a resume and cover letter to with the subject line: Office Admin. We will receive applications until August 15th.

Role: The role of the Office Administrator is to support the vision, mission, and ministry of the church by facilitating day- -to-day administrative operations of the congregation and its programs and activities. Additionally, the role of the Office Administrator is to set in place systems of operation and organizational structure that will enable growth and efficiency regarding the administrative tasks.

Accountability: The Office Administrator is accountable to the Pastor of Friendship Presbyterian Church and will check in weekly at a regular scheduled meeting time. The Office Administrator will also work and communicate regularly with members of Session, the church Treasurer, the Clerk of Session and the Financial Advisor.

Job Description: (Under the Pastor’s supervision, the Office Administrator is responsible for):

Communications—In partnership with the Pastor, the Office Administrator will:

  • Edit and produce worship bulletins and slideshows.
  • Update the website, facebook page, and other online media on calendar changes or upcoming events.
  • Send periodic mailings to the congregation and friends of the church.
  • Edit and disseminate weekly e-news updates of events and other needed communications.
  • Edit and produce the annual report.
  • Assist with the printing, collating and mailing of monthly print newsletter.

Organization—In collaboration with the Pastor, the Office Administrator will:

  • Implement and document operational procedures and structures that streamline the administrative tasks and build an efficient system of administration for the organization.

Finances—Working with the Pastor and Treasurer, the Office Administrator will:

  • Maintain the general ledger using financial software.
  • Prepare accounts payable for the Treasurer.
  • Assist Treasure in running Payroll, Payroll taxes and other related reports.
  • Prepare monthly financial reports and other reports as needed.
  • Collect fees for events, weddings, and funerals.
  • Maintain membership database and track member offerings; compete and distribute quarterly offering statements to each member/household
  • Maintain effective file management system for invoices, receipts and formal documents (i.e, lease agreement, insurance, financial statements, etc)

Office—The Office Administrator will:

  • Handle telephone reception.
  • Order office and building supplies.
  • Handle administrative/clerical support for the Pastor, Session and workgroups.
  • File correspondence, reports, and other documents.

Facilities—In partnership with the Session, the Office Administrator will:

  • Maintain the church calendar and scheduling facility use.
  • Ensure that insurance, inspections, licenses and certifications are up-to-date.
  • Draw up building—use contracts and liaising with building users.
  • Coordinate facility/equipment maintenance and repairs.

Much church business is confidential. Pledge amounts and payment on pledges, personal information (e.g. age, address, place and kind of employment), and other such matters are of a confidential nature and should not be discussed, either with members or non—members. Confidentiality must be maintained whether the information is stored on paper or on computer, or was communicated orally or through any other means.

Compensation: The Office Administrator will work approximately 20 hours per week. Pay rate is $15 – $20 per hour based on experience. The amount of hours is subject to increase if necessary per decision and approval of Pastor and Session and in agreement with Administrator.

Resources and Tools: In order to complete assigned task the Office Administrator will have access to an office space, an email account, internet access, telephone and voicemail, copier, printer and fax machine and a parking space. There will also be opportunity for flex hours and working from home.

Review: The Office Administrator will be informed of processes of review in advance and will be given the opportunity for self—assessment as well as receiving written and oral feedback. At regular intervals, the Pastor will provide an assessment of the Office Administrator’s work including any recommendations and goals for the future. These will be reviewed and discussed in conversation with the Office Administrator, a member of Session or Personnel workgroup and the Pastor.

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