Ecumenical Coordinator for Witness with Adults in their 20’s and 30’s


The First Presbyterian Church of Libertyville, Illinois, seeks a Christian person to develop a community of faith and engage adults in their 20’s and 30’s. The ideal candidate is open to a possible two-year term, possesses cultural competency to work with a variety of Christian faiths and traditions, can demonstrate leadership and organizational skills, and has experience successfully managing a project from start to finish.

The successful candidate will establish an Ecumenical Steering Committee (ESC) to support the long-term health of the local faith community. This includes organizing other faith communities to participate, planning events, identifying service opportunities, contributing to increased adult Witness of the Gospel.


1. Life experience with diverse populations and age groups.
2. Charisma, energy, assertiveness, confidence, and the ability to work independently to accomplish specific, defined goals.
3. A deep Christian faith, and the calling to work with adults.
4. The ability to communicate effectively in writing and in person.
5. The ability to tailor communications to reach a diverse group of worship communities.
6. The ability to listen to, and understand, the needs of the adults in their 20’s and 30’s.
7. Strong organization and planning skills.
8. Demonstrate accountability, diplomacy, and versatility in collaboration with others.
9. Proficiency with modern office software (including Work/Excel/Power Point/Constant Contact/Slack or equivalent services).
10. Familiarity with current social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram) with an eye towards future opportunities to connect community members.
11. The ability to explain your vision for this position, and demonstrated understanding of current trends in America’s changing religious landscape.
12. College degree preferred, consideration given for the right mix of work and life experience.


1. Using the above skills, contact area churches to establish an understanding of the way different faith communities engage adults in the target age group and geographic area.
2. Inventory the dynamics identified, analyze and document whether these dynamics are successfully engaged, and if there are opportunities to improve.
3. Using this information, and within the first three months of your term, establish an Ecumenical Steering Committee (ESC), to include two members from each participating faith community, and members of the Next Generation Fellowship committee at First Pres.
4. Develop contact information for adults in this age group and in this community, and coordinate communications.
5. Develop a monthly, written, progress report for the ESC, and present that information to staff.
6. In the first six months, develop a two-year programming plan to include one large annual event, and at least two smaller collaborative community events.
7. Successfully organize at least one of these events within the first 12 months.
8. Develop programs or tools to reach individuals not affiliated with specific faith communities, identify roadblocks to faith, and engage this population more effectively.
9. Create an online or social media presence to promote upcoming ecumenical events and service opportunities.
10. Clear and concise communication that the need and desire is to grow the Christian forum within the community. This objective is to encourage participants to still have a home church or no church affiliation while expanding the experience of Christianity by working with diverse denominations.


This is a half-time, 20-hour per week position with a flexible daytime schedule. Salary will be commensurate with experience. We strongly prefer a candidate that can commit to a two-year term, with the possibility of a third-year contingent on exceptional results.

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