Business Operations Manager

First Presbyterian Church of Lake Forest is seeking a full-time Business Operations Manager. This position works closely with the Pastor/Head of Staff and is responsible for overseeing the operations and business affairs of the church, including Personnel, Finance, and Buildings and Grounds. A candidate should have a comprehensive understanding of financial reports and a leadership style that is proactive, accessible, and able to interact openly with others. If you would like more details or would like to apply for this position, please email

1. Oversee the day-to-day Operations and Staff functions of the Church.
2. Support and oversee the Human Resource (HR) functions, working with the Pastor/Head of Staff and the Personnel Committee to ensure proper administration of payroll and benefits, timely performance reviews, and the development and implementation of contemporary, relevant HR policies and processes.
3. Attend monthly Session meetings, weekly staff meetings as well as Finance and Buildings and Grounds Committee meetings; prepare presentations as needed.
a) Provide finance support , working with the Church Accountant and the Finance Committee. Assist Stewardship and Endowment Committees.
b) Work with Stewardship Committee to create a theologically sound and fiscally successful campaign to support the operating budget of the Church. Responsibilities include developing and maintaining the customized database and reports to facilitate actions and communications for the congregation and relevant Committees.
c) Work closely with Finance Budget Subcommittee, Personnel Committee, Buildings and Grounds, Mission and other Committees in preparation of annual church budget and supporting the Annual Meeting.
d) Review and monitor Church expenditures in relationship to Church Budgetary guidelines.
e) Oversee Church Accountant/Finance Staff in the collection, deposit and disbursement of Church monies in accordance with established accounting principles and in maintaining accurate timely computer records of all financial transactions on the ACS system.
f) Oversee with Church Accountant banking transactions, the annual budget, monthly budgetary reporting and accurate and timely payment of accounts payable.
g) Work with Church Treasurer on approved banking line of credit and portfolio transactions.
h) Oversee and maintain adequate Church insurance and risk management coverage as approved by Buildings and Grounds and Finance Committees.
i) Serve as purchasing agent and represent the Church in business related matters and contract negotiations.
j) Arrange for and work with the Certified Public Accountant and the Finance Audit Subcommittee during annual church audit.
k) Assist committees to launch and fulfill successful capital campaigns. Responsibilities include evaluation and management of fundraising consulting resources and coordination among relevant Committees.
l) Support Endowment Committee and provide Northern Trust interface for the Brinkman Charitable Trust and other trust/financial instruments along with Church Treasurer.
m) Represent Church to established Bank and/or investment accounts to make investments, withdrawal and transfer of funds in consultation with Church Treasurer and Finance Committee, as well as Treasurers for Deacons, Rummage, Sanctuary Choir and Preschool.
n) Work with Finance Committee on guidance for Memorial Fund gifts and expenditures for Committee approval.


a) Working with the Building Supervisor and the Building and Grounds Committee, ensure proper maintenance of the buildings and grounds to ensure the highest standards of cleanliness and appearance.
b) Oversee, with Building Supervisor, building and grounds projects done by contractors, to ensure safe, timely and fiscally prudent completion.
c) Maintain, with Building Supervisor, complete and accurate inventory of Church equipment.
d) Develop and implement plans, systems and training for campus security, fire and safety policies, risk management, insurance programs and building inspections, coordinating with Building and Long-Range Planning Committees.
e) Represent Buildings and Grounds Committee on matters pertaining to Anderson Legacy Manse for Pastors, Tenants, City of Lake Forest or suppliers contracted by the Church.
f) Provide guidance to congregation families on Memorial Garden interment placements and ensure preparation and maintenance as required.

6. Provide support to Long Range Planning and Governance Committee, along with Pastor/ Head of Staff for discernment of implementation plans and identification of any capital, building or technology needs.


a) Contract for support of the In-House computer network and the ACS Software system to ensure efficient and 24/7 operation.
b) Provide for In-House computer training and additional support as needed.
c) Partnering with Long Range Planning and Governance, and Buildings and Grounds Committees, assess IT immediate and strategic needs for the organization, and recommend resources needed to address those needs


a) The Business Operations Manager is accountable to the Pastor/Head of Staff and to the Session (the governing board) through the Personnel Committee. The Personnel Committee will provide for annual performance reviews with input from the Buildings and Grounds and Finance Committees. It is expected the Business Operations Manager will work as a member of the overall staff team toward the effective and faithful ministry of the Church.
b) The Business Operations Manager hires and supervises the Building Supervisor and Finance staff working with the Personnel Committee.


• Successful track record of managing operations and teams.
• Comprehensive understanding of Financial Reports for Non-Profit Organizations.
• Experience with managing multiple project tasks and project budgets.
• Familiarity with fundraising, development and strategic communication skills.
• Team player with high integrity, able to embrace the concept of team ministry.
• Leadership style that is proactive, accessible, able to deal openly with others.
• Highly motivated and able to direct, inspire and motivate others.
• Ease and familiarity with language and culture of a values- driven organization; church familiarity preferred.

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