Who We Are…(continued)

Our congregations and fellowships identify themselves as Caucasian, African American, Hispanic, Korean, Filipino, Taiwanese, Japanese, Ghanaian, South Asian, Oromo-speaking Sudanese/Ethiopian, and racially mixed.

We are diverse, with unique talents and strengths, but share a common thread of advancing the common good.

We encourage members to seek and provide opportunities outside of their church walls to partner with the Presbytery and with other congregations, as well as with members of their communities—in their neighborhoods, across the country or around the world. We lead and encourage congregations to pursue meaningful mission and to serve others with their hands, hearts, minds and ministries. Our tools are hammers, nails and paintbrushes, along with smiles, friendship and Christian fellowship. We donate clothing, food and money, but also share our time, advice, compassion and love. We are a beacon of hope, guiding leaders, congregations and communities.

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