The Commission on Ministry’s purpose is to serve as pastor and counselor to ministers and Certified Christian Educators; to facilitate relations between congregations, ministers, Certified Christian Educators and the presbytery; and to settle difficulties on behalf of the presbytery when possible and expedient.
Want to get on the docket? Speak to your Regional Liaison at least two weeks before the meeting date at which you hope to speak.
Upcoming Meeting Dates

    COM Meeting
    Tuesday, February, 12, 2019 from 10:30 am - 3:00 pm
    First Presbyterian Church, River Forest, River Forest, IL 60305


Regional Liaisons

Regional Liaisons are the volunteers who walk with your congregation and are always your first call when you have a question. We strive for parity in all teams, which means we aim to have a Minister of Word & Sacrament as well as a Ruling Elder serving your region.
Unsure which region your church is in? You can find out HERE.


Rev. Dianne Shields


Ms. Anne Warnke
Rev. Julie Peterson


Ms. Laurie Kaeser
Rev. Jane Tuma


Rev. José Muñiz-Agrón


Ms. Barb Coop
Rev. Susan Duff


Mr. Jim Davidovich
Rev. Cindy Karis


Ms. Argie Johnson
Rev. Julio Peña


Mr. Lorenzo Jackson
Rev. Adam Malak

COM Moderator

Rev. Barbara Gorsky


Special Teams

To aid the Regional Liaisons in the work required by the book of order, we have Special Teams
to help meet the myriad of needs of our pastors and congregations. The moderators from these teams serve on COM.

Transition Team

A Transitional Liaison, along with your Regional Liaison,
will walk with your (A)PNC – (Associate) Pastor Nominating Committee as they search for your next pastor. 
Mr. Brian Tischendorf
Rev. Beth Wagner

Specialized Ministers Team

The volunteers serving on theSpecialized Ministry Team
work with Ministers of Word and Sacrament who are serving outside of the congregational setting. 
Rev. Scott Matheney

Consultation Team

When your congregation finds itself in a stress point,
a member of the Consultation Team will be called by your
Regional Liaison to help your community process
what has happened, and find the next steps forward.
Rev. Vicky Curtiss

True North

True North is a program dedicated to helping congregations and pastors set their sights on healthy pastor-parishioner relationships, establish safe boundaries and find their way to trust, truth, honesty and love as Christ’s church.

Forms and Templates

Please send completed forms to

Pastoral Compensation Guidelines & Forms

  • 2018 Salary Guidelines and Cover Letter PDF
  • 2018 Change in Terms of Call report form PDF
  • Guidelines for a Sabbatical Leave .doc

Pastoral Covenants

  • Terms of Pastoral Call .doc
  • Covenant Contract with a Temporary Pastor .doc
  • Covenant of Expectations (Closure) .doc 

Installations and Ordinations

  • Guidelines for Installation and Ordination. .doc Includes:
    • Sample Ordination Invitation
    • Outline of the Service for Ordination and Installation
  • COM Guidelines for Statement of Faith (7.07) PDF