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Our February 16th Presbytery Assembly meeting is going to include a variety of Enrichment Opportunities oriented around the One Great Hour of Sharing Offering. Over the lunch hour, you will grab your food and join the group whose topic intrigues you most.
EVERYONE is invited to participate in these workshops, not only commissioners.



Enrichment Opportunities

This Land is Your Land, This Land is Our Land: the Story of NeighborSpace, a Chicago Urban Land Trust”
The community land trust NeighborSpace was established over 20 years ago to protect community gardens and outdoor space that had been transformed from abandoned lots into vibrant community spaces. Participants will learn how NeighborSpace came to be, and how it has grown into supporting 120 gardens across the city. The lessons learned are particularly relevant in this time when community cohesion is more important than ever.
Led by Robin Cline, Assistant Director of NeighborSpace.
It’s All Connected: Conflicts, Extreme Hunger and Famine”
 Last year, in a historic unanimous vote, the United Nations Security Council recognized for the first time that armed violence and conflict are closely linked to food insecurity and the risk of famine currently threatening the lives of millions of people. In 50 years of existence and accompaniment of communities around the world, the Presbyterian Hunger Program has learned and seen from global partners the reality of how much life can change during and after armed conflicts and violence. Stories from partners will be used to discuss the connections between violence and poverty, and approaches that global partners use to respond to extreme hunger will be shared. We will explore ways to join these efforts.
Led by Valéry Nodem, Associate for International Hunger Concerns and Coordinator of the Joining Hands Initiative for the Presbyterian Hunger Program.
The Offering as an Integral Part of the Worship Service”
Central in the life of most congregations is the worship service. The (mostly) Sunday morning service is devoted to the Word and Sacraments as worship to God and training of disciples. Often, there is a division between the “worship” which happens inside the building and “mission” or “service” which happens outside. Invoking, connecting, and narrating the impact of One Great Hour of Sharing in different elements of worship services bolsters the congregation’s support as well as situating the mission efforts as devotional and worshipful acts. Liturgical resources developed by participants and supporters of the Offering and stories of impact can help your congregation connect more deeply and engage in worship and service all at once.
Led by Bryce Weibe, Director, Special Offerings, PC(USA).
In Pursuit of Ending Poverty”
Are there economically poor communities near your church? Would you like your congregation to become engaged in reaching out to such communities of need? Poverty comes in many forms and has many root causes. For almost 50 years, the Presbyterian Church has sought to address poverty through the work of Self-Development of People. This ministry, supported through One Great Hour of Sharing, is a partnership of love, justice and empowerment reflecting the image of God who stands with all people. By connecting to and supporting groups of people responding to experiences of oppression and poverty with projects and initiatives that they control and benefit from, we seek, together, to reflect God’s love for all. Learn about the ways this ministry of the whole church can benefit your congregation and how you can join in!
Led by Tracey Dace, SDOP National Committee member, PC(USA).
“Feed My Starving Children

This is a testimony of how several small churches can come together to work with God on one BIG plan.  We will share the story of our three-year journey to plan a mobile pack in partnership with Feed My Starving Children and the churches of Mission Council 8.
Led by Adam Malak, pastor at Faith United Presbyterian Church, Tinley Park, Illinois.


Human-Caused Disaster Ministry”

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance responds to human- caused as well as natural disasters. Come hear about how they can help you respond when the disaster is caused by humans, sometimes more devastating than natural causes.
Led by James J. Kirk, Associate for Disaster Response (U.S.), Presbyterian Disaster Assistance.