Commission on Ministry (COM)


The Commission on Ministry’s purpose is to serve as pastor and counselor to ministers and Certified Christian Educators; to facilitate relations between congregations, ministers, Certified Christian Educators and the presbytery; and to settle difficulties on behalf of the presbytery when possible and expedient.


Below, you will find links to .doc forms that you can fill out on your computer, and .pdf forms which can be printed out and filled in.  Samples included below include Pulpit Supply List, Covenants, Pastoral Terms of Call, Guidelines for Installation and Ordination, Guidelines for Salary and Sabbatical Leave.

True North Boundary Training Events

Compensation Guidelines

Covenants for Beginning Pastoral Relationships

Covenant of Closure

Installations and Ordinations

Pulpit Supply List – find an occasional preacher/worship leader

  • Supply Preaching List  – Sign into the directory (if you need the password, please email and click on the words Pulpit Supply in the left hand sidebar to see the the most current information about persons who have indicated their availability to do occasional preaching and worship leadership. Persons in your local church (pastor, clerk of session, worship committee chairperson, etc.) should make direct contact with these ministers when a pulpit supply is needed. The presbytery has recommended a minimum honorarium for pulpit supply of $150 for one service, plus $50 for each additional service on any one Sunday; Moderator’s fee for one meeting $50; and reimbursement for mileage per the IRS guidelines at 53.5 cents/mile.
  • To be added to the pulpit supply list, please contact
  • Please note that those listed as Not Yet Ordained cannot perform the sacraments.
  • Read this, churches! Process and Protocol for Pulpit Supply


Searchopoly Resource Documents and Templates

Searchopoly Document – (Version 2.0) Searchopoly is a fun way to segment the daunting task of searching for your next pastor. Every step from the point your current pastor gives notice, through the first review of your next pastor is covered, including who does what and in depth resources.

Searchopoly Overview Card Document

Marroon – Starting the Search Process

Pink – Mission Discernment

Orange – PNC & MIF Formation

Green – Extending a Call


To find out more, contact:

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