Committee on Nominations

The Committee on Nominations coordinates the nominating process used to fill all vacancies on that require election by the Presbytery. These include:

  • Commissioners to the General Assembly
  • Commissioners to the Synod of Lincoln Trails
  • Commission on Ministry
  • Commission on Preparation for Ministry
  • Committee on Representation
  • Committee on the Self Development of Peoples
  • The Moderator of the Presbytery
  • Permanent Judicial Commission
  • Presbytery Coordinating Commission and its work groups

The Committee on Nominations gives consideration to achieving a broad representation of member churches while maintaining equal number of teaching elders (ministers of the Word and Sacrament), laywomen and laymen during the nominations process.

2017 Nominations Form

To find out more, contact:

  • Rev. Ann-Marie Hislop, Moderator

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