Racial Ethnic Youth Leadership Camp

What is the Racial Ethnic Youth Leadership Camp ?

The Racial Ethnic Youth Leadership Camp is a camp ministry that facilitates Christian leadership to one body, the church of Jesus Christ with many members: the African American, Asian, Filipino and Hispanic communities which represent constituents of the Chicago Presbytery promoting Racial Ethnic diversity and empowerment, “A Love That Won’t Let Go.”


Associated Urban Ministries (AUM) of Chicago Presbytery is a Program Mission Unit of the Presbytery created in 1960 to deal with racial diversity and churches in transition in the changing communities of Chicago. AUM consist of 13 African American congregations, and coordinates workshops/seminars on stewardship, leadership development and evangelism for the continuing growth of the 13 congregations.

In 1997 AUM initiated with the Synod of Lincoln Trails an educational program for Racial Ethnic Youth Leadership, a camping ministry to include African Americans, Asians, Filipino and Hispanic junior and senior high students.  Since the inception AUM has provided leadership coordination with leaders from the other Ethnic groups. This program has grown tremendously in its development and outreach in leadership participation in the Synod and the
Presbyteries of the Synod of Lincoln Trails. The Racial Ethnic Youth Leadership Camp provides a dynamic and enriching program of activities: Worship; Bible Study, Leadership Development, Stewardship, Faith Development, Arts & Crafts, Nature Activities, Interaction with Pastors, Recreation and Music.

The overall theme of the camp “One Race Every Color” has served to unite us in our ethnicity. We spend time learning and understanding our cultures and recognizing that God can/wants to, use ,us with our skills and talents in the leadership of the Presbyterian church in the World and be strong witnesses for Jesus Christ.

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