Lerner Fund

There are no funds available for 2014.

Guidelines For The Distribution Of The Proceeds Of The Lerner Fund

For over three decades, the Presbytery of Chicago has received income from the rental of a Lerner Store on Madison Street.  The donor has stipulated the proceeds be divided in three equal portions.

One third of the proceeds are forwarded on a monthly basis to Erie Neighborhood House to be used as a part of their scholarship programs.  The funds are distributed at the direction of the Erie House Board in accordance with their scholarship guidelines.

One third of the proceeds are forwarded on a monthly basis to McCormick Theological Seminary to be used to support racial-ethnic minority students in field education placements approved by the seminary.  The Field Education Office of McCormick Theological Seminary is responsible for the administration of this portion of the fund.

One third of the proceeds are retained by the Presbytery of Chicago to be used to support racial-ethnic minority students in work with Presbytery congregations in the Summer Seminarian Program, field education placements, and seminary internships.  The Empower Ministry Mission Priority Leadership Team approves expenditures from this portion of the Lerner Fund.  These expenditures shall be reported to the Presbytery Coordinating Commission.  Applications for Lerner funds are available on this website and are to be submitted to the Empower Ministry Team.

Lerner Fund Guidelines

The Lerner Fund receives $5,666.64 annually ($472.22 is added to the fund each month).  The guidelines for distribution of these funds are as follows:

The maximum grant for an intern will be $2500 in a year

In order to share this limited resource fairly, Empower Ministry will make grants to a congregation for one year and then the church is ineligible for the next year.  After a year without a grant, churches are encouraged to apply again. (Note: Empower Ministry may consider making a grant to a particular congregation if no other applications are received. So it is not inappropriate to apply two years in a row.)

An Application for Lerner funds is available on this website and is to be submitted to the Empower Ministry Leadership Team at the Presbytery Office. The deadline for applications is March 1 of each year.  Grants will be announced by the 15th of April.

If the congregation does not have the funding to support a student, the congregation may apply for the Lerner Grant with no student noted on the application.  After notification of receipt of the requested grant, the congregation can seek a student.   After calling a student, the church will submit the part of the application on Student Intern Information, and a check will be issued to the congregation.

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