Business Affairs

On behalf of Presbytery Coordinating Commission and Presbytery Assembly, the Business Affairs Work Group provides oversight and counsel on matters of real property; legal, insurance, accounting and investment services; and the fiscal affairs of the Presbytery of Chicago.


The responsibilities of the Business Affairs Work Group fall into two principal areas – Real Estate and Finance.

  • Real Estate provides oversight and management of Presbytery-owned property where there is no Session or Board of Directors, and consultative services to congregations and agencies related to acquisition, renovation, construction, leasing and other matters of property management. Real Estate also reviews and recommends to the Presbytery all encumbrances on real estate according to the Book of Order.
  • Finance provides oversight of the financial reporting and auditing of the Presbytery; reviews and recommends investment policies to the Presbytery; recommends investment manager(s) and monitors investment performance; recommends and oversees the services of the Auditor subject to the concurrence of Presbytery Assembly; provides consultative services to congregations and agencies on matters of investment; provides oversight to the work of the Treasurer and the outside accounting service provider; and reviews and makes recommendations to the Presbytery on matters involving the financial liability or guarantee of the Presbytery; reviews, monitors, and oversees the income and expenses as they relate to the budget and provides recommendations and or actions, as needed and that Moderators of Work Groups be so notified.

Membership and Term

Fifteen members, including the moderator serving three-year renewable terms with a maximum of two consecutive terms.

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