The Communications Work Group coordinates the communications activities of the Presbytery of Chicago.


  1. Coordinate ongoing and special communications media and processes of the Presbytery, including Our Common Ministry (printed Presbytery newsletter), Preview (electronic newsletter), broadcast e-mails (using tools such as Constant Contact),  other print media, electronic communications, social media, public relations, and ad hoc activities;
  2. Develop communications related policies and procedures as needed;
  3. Maintain the content of the Presbytery of Chicago website so information is current, usable, and promotes the mission of each group of the presbytery;
  4. Oversee the branding efforts of the presbytery to ensure consistency of communications in look, feel, style, and tone of all printed and electronic media;
  5. Engage and work with staff, consultants, volunteers, and vendors as needed to coordinate communications from presbytery bodies and provide effective communication tools;
  6. Consult with presbytery entities to provide communications tools needed to support their efforts (e.g., brochures, webpages);
  7. Provide guidance to the presbytery and congregations on policies and procedures for matters such as copyright and branding and serve as an information resource on communication related  topics such as recommended experts (e.g., bloggers, website designers) the use of press releases, social media, and other tools;
  8. Offer training, guidance, consultation, and encouragement to congregational leaders in the churches of the presbytery to enhance the effectiveness of communications;
  9. Regularly gather and communicate ideas, best practices, and tools used by the presbytery and the congregations and related agencies of the presbytery;
  10. Develop and recommend Communications Work Group budget to the Budget Work Group, and operate within approved budget.

To find out more, contact:

  • Katie Rains, Communications Manager

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