Constitutional Procedures


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  • Annual Statistical Reports


On behalf of Presbytery Coordinating Commission and Presbytery Assembly, provide encouragement, guidance and resources to churches to help in the proper maintenance of session minutes and records; and provide independent review and recommendation to Presbytery Assembly on new Book of Order amendments transmitted from the General Assembly.


  • Assist the stated clerk with the annual review of session minutes and records, per G-3.0108.
    1. Review session minutes and records.
    2. Provide training to clerks of session and pastors so that all minutes and records will be accurate, useful and permanent.
    3. Provide opportunities for session minute reading and review at convenient locations throughout the Presbytery at appropriate times during the year.
    4. Actively encourage full participation by all churches, especially those who have not regularly submitted minutes and records for review in recent years.
    5. Post selected forms, instruction materials, sample motions, etc. on the POC website for ready access by clerks of session and church staff.
    6. Maintain records of all churches in the Presbytery, detailing conformity with Book of Order requirements on session minutes and church membership records.
  • With the assistance of the stated clerk, provide independent review of General Assembly actions to amend the Book of Order.
    1. Circulate proposed amendments to and solicit comments from Chicago Presbytery entities most directly affected by proposed amendments.
    2. Collect recommendations from outside sources, such as Presbyterian Outlook and the Association of Stated Clerks.
    3. Report all comments received plus Constitutional Procedures’ own recommendations to the council for information and to the presbytery assembly for action.

Work Group Size:

Nine members, divided as evenly as possible between teaching and ruling elders, and staffed by the stated clerk.

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