Designated and Restricted Funding

Purpose: The purpose of the Designated/Restricted Funding Work Group is to oversee and recommend the following to Presbytery Coordinating Commission:

  • Allocations of campus ministry funds
  • Session or presbytery projects applying for General Assembly restricted funds
  • Other special funding when assigned by the Presbytery Council


  1. Become familiar with purposes, policies, and guidelines for all assigned funds.
  2. Recommend revisions of fund purposes, policies, and/or guidelines.
  3. Develop strategies for administering funds.
  4. Publicize annual funding timelines to prospective funds applicants.
  5. Propose project or entity funding recommendations to the presbytery coordinating commission.
  6. Establish ongoing communication and accountability with funded entities.
  7. Promote and interpret funded projects or entities throughout the presbytery.
  8. Carry out other responsibilities that may be delegated by the Presbytery Coordinating Commission.

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