Staff Personnel

On behalf of Presbytery Coordinating Commission, the Staff Personnel Work Group provides for the employment and supervision of the staff of the Presbytery of Chicago.


  1. Develop and maintain personnel guidelines for the staff of the Presbytery;
  2. Review performance of all personnel annually, including conduct of a comprehensive review of the members on our professional staff every three (or five) years of their employment;
  3. Develop an annual budget for staff personnel;
  4. Consider and recommend changes in compensation and benefits;
  5. Report to the Presbytery Coordinating Commission and Presbytery Assembly on the following matters:
    • Recommendations on compensation for our professional staff;
    • Recommendations on staff design and the organizational structure of the staff of our Presbytery;
    • Recommendations resulting from the completion of the professional staff’s comprehensive reviews.
  6. Assume appropriate responsibilities for establishing Search Committees;
  7. Serve as counsel to the Executive Presbyter on personnel matters.

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