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On behalf of Presbytery Coordinating Commission, the Stewardship and Financial Development Work Group encourages, trains and guides congregational leadership in establishing effective stewardship and mission interepretation programs in the churches of the Presbytery to educate, motivate, and commit parishioners and Sessions in the offering of themselves to the mission of the church.


  1. Provide training for congregational leadership in effective stewardship planning, methods, projects, materials and programs to develop effectively the level of stewardship commitment and mission understanding of church parishioners;
  2. Promote stewardship resources of PC (U.S.A.);
  3. Provide counsel to congregations on stewardship issues;
  4. Coordinate the availability of stewardship and mission interpretation resouces with the Chicago Presbytery Resource Center and the Presbytery of Chicago Web site;
  5. Provide for education and interpretation of the Basic Mission of the Presbytery, Synod and General Assembly of PC (U.S.A.) to the presbytery and its congregations by means of printed material, electronic communication, videos, visual displays, presentations at presbytery meetings, workshops and congregational visitation;
  6. Develop mission interpretation materials and resources for the Presbytery of Chicago and mission partnerships supported by the presbytery;
  7. Promote mission interpretation materials and resources of the Synod of Lincoln Trails and the General Assembly;
  8. Affirm and communicate mission partnerships and initiatives of the presbytery’s congregations;
  9. Maintain contact with mission personnel connected to the Presbytery, and promote the availability of resources with Chicago Presbytery Resource CenterĀ and the POC Web site;
  10. Coordinate Presbytery Assembly special offerings.

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