Policies and Guidelines

  1. Presbytery Coordinating Commission

    1. Manual of Operations (2017)
    2. Presbytery Assembly
      1. Guidelines for Presbytery Assembly Meetings
      2. Requests for Communion
    3. Presbytery Mission
      1. “Who Speaks for the Presbytery?”
      2. Interfaith Solidarity Group
      3. Use of Agape House Funds for Campus Ministry
      4. Rationale for Outdoor Ministry
    4. Internal Presbytery Operations
      1. Personnel Policy Manual
      2. Technology Policy and Standards
      3. Records Retention Schedule
    5. Financial and Property Matters
      1. Investment Objectives and Guidelines Statement
      2. Real Estate Subgroup Approval of Leases
      3. Agreements on the Use of Congregation Facilities
      4. Endowment Funds Policy
      5. Real Estate Approval Matrix
      6. Policy Guidelines for the 21st Century Church
  2. Commission on Ministry

    1. Examination of Candidates and Teaching Elders Seeking Membership in the Presbytery of Chicago
    2. Compensation Guidelines
    3. Covenants for Beginning Pastoral Relationships
    4. Covenants of Closure
    5. Installations and Ordinations
    6. Medical-Pensions Dues Policy
  3. Commission on Preparation for Ministry

    1. Discerning Your Call: Preparing for the Ministry of the Word and Sacrament (CPM Manual)
    2. Seminary Education Indebtedness Policy
  4. Committee on Nominations

    1. Nominating Commissioners to General Assembly
    2. Consideration of Presbytery Attendance
  5. Shared Responsibility

    1. Safe Boundaries Policy
    2. Congregational Issues
      1. Worshipping Fellowships Policy
      2. Guidelines for Receiving Established Congregations
      3. Policy for Church Mergers
      4. Guidelines for Congregations in Sale of Manse
      5. Guidelines for Administrative Commission Appointed to Close a Church
      6. Gracious Separation Policy

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