Presbytery Coordinating Commission is the primary administrative unit of the Presbytery of Chicago. It has broad responsibilities for recommending the mission priorities of the Presbytery of Chicago, coordinating the implementation of mission and governance, overseeing support systems, and nominating the Committee on Nominations. It is elected by the presbytery assembly and accountable to it.
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Our Offerings are the ministries we feel called to engage beyond what is required in the Book of Order and the support work necessary to complete the work that is required. The following groups are all accountable to PCC.









Administration Team

The Administration Team provides oversight for the business affairs and personnel responsibilities of the presbytery.









Antiracism Planning & Design Task Force

This one year task force has five specific tasks to carry out in partnership (training) with Chicago ROAR (Regional Organizing for Antiracism):
  • Develop a project description for Commission on AntiRacism and Equity (CARE), including a statement of purpose, objectives, historical background, timeline for the training process, funding and recruitment plan.
  • Recruit and select the CARE team, and support the CARE Team through their commissioning and training process.







Communication Workgroup

The Communications Work Group coordinates the communications activities of the Presbytery of Chicago.






Constitutional Procedures Workgroup

On behalf of Presbytery Coordinating Commission and Presbytery Assembly, provide encouragement, guidance and resources to churches to help in the proper maintenance of session minutes and records; and provide independent review and recommendation to Presbytery Assembly on new Book of Order amendments transmitted from the General Assembly.





Coordinating Workgroup

To facilitate the work of the Presbytery Coordinating Commission and its work groups and task forces.





Designated & Restricted Funds Workgroup

The purpose of the Designated/Restricted Funding Work Group is to oversee and recommend the following to Presbytery Coordinating Commission:
  • Allocations of campus ministry funds
  • Session or presbytery projects applying for General Assembly restricted funds
  • Other special funding when assigned by the Presbytery Council






Disaster Preparedness & Response Committee

Our Mission: To assist presbytery leadership and member congregations in preparing for and responding to natural and human-caused disasters.

The Committee’s goals for 2018 are:

  • Recruit additional members from geographically disparate churches
  • Create a Disaster Plan for the Presbytery of Chicago
  • Encourage the creation of disaster plans by member congregations
  • Publicize through presbytery publications and social media congregations that are engaged in disaster preparedness and response
  • Meet with interested congregations or committees by invitation to discuss disaster planning




Ecumenical & Inter-religious Workgroup

On behalf of Presbytery Coordinating Commission, the Ecumenical and Inter-Religious Work Group, cares for the Presbytery’s relationships with other Christian denominations, with other spiritual and religious communities, and with ecumenical and interreligious organizations and bodies.
Although Chicago Presbytery partners with justice advocacy groups from time to time, the Ecumenical and Inter-religious Work Group’s purpose is to create and sustain mutually empowering channels of communication with other religious communities. Its primary purpose is relationship-building, not advocacy for specific ideologies, parties, or causes.
The EIRWG hopes to help foster:
  • An appreciation of diverse religious communities in the Chicagoland area.
  • Mutual understanding of the concerns, values and believes among those communities
  • Sustainable relationships of strong communication and common service.



Together Outdoors Workgroup

The Together Outdoors’ mission is to provide outdoor ministry resources that foster spiritual growth, connect communities and congregations, and help strengthen an individual’s relationship with God’s creation.