AV Support & Production Leader First Presbyterian Church of Lake Forest

A part-time (20 hours per week) AV Support & Production Leader is being sought to operate and maintain all the AV and Production Systems at First Presbyterian Church of Lake Forest, including audio, video, lighting, projection, computers and software. This position will work closely with the Pastors and Directors to ensure that all worship, video, podcast, and hybrid gathering needs are met. The AV Support & Production Leader will act as the producer for live-streamed worship and other church events and will also recruit, train, and supervise volunteer and paid technicians.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Digitally develop, prepare for, and produce FPCLF’s Sunday morning worship services, whether in the Sanctuary, outside, or offsite.

  • Manage, maintain, and provide documentation for fixed and portable AV systems.

  • Attend weekly meetings with the Pastors and Directors to remain aware of and prepare for upcoming


  • Manage, maintain and provide support for all AV presentation software and equipment throughout

    the week.

  • Develop and administer procedures for special event use of technical systems.

  • Submit purchase and budget requests, as needed, to the Director of Business Operations for approval.

  • Recruit, train and schedule volunteer and paid technicians.

  • Enthusiastically facilitate training sessions and respond to questions from staff & congregation.

  • Work with Program Staff to develop ways to facilitate and enhance FPCLF’s virtual ministries.

  • In conjunction with the Director of Communications, develop and implement procedures for posting

    and broadcasting audio and video on the church website and/or social media sites.

  • Think creatively and open to adaptive change.

    Relationships and Accountability


    The AV Support & Production Leader reports to the Senior Pastor, who will provide performance reviews. It is expected that this position will work closely with the Director of Music and Arts, Director of Communications and all other Pastors and Directors to support, enhance, and advance their ministries in a digital and virtual environment.


Personal Qualifications and Characteristics

  • Expertise in theatrical technical systems, including lighting, sound, and video

  • Expertise in worship and production software

  • Ability to teach and supervise in a thorough and loving manner

  • Collaboration with and support for other members of staff

  • Desire to serve the greater good

  • First Presbyterian Church offers a competitive salary and full benefits package.



    First Presbyterian Church is seeking to fill this integral staff position immediately. Please send your cover letter and resume to be considered:

    Jan McNicholas
    Director of Business Operations
    First Presbyterian Church of Lake Forest 700 N. Sheridan Road
    Lake Forest, IL 60045