Each year, an inquirer must participate in an annual consultation. Complete Form 3 (Pre-Interview Annual Consultation Report) to prepare for the consultation.
All persons in the care process must submit their paperwork (ie: form 3 for annual review) for each CPM meeting at least two weeks prior to the meeting for which they are scheduled to meet with the commission. Please email paperwork to the Chicago Presbytery office at ministry@chicagopresbytery.org. Please note: the receipt of paperwork in this timely manner allows each member of CPM to read your forms and be fully prepared to discern with you during the meeting. If forms are not received by the due date, inquirers / candidates / Commissioned Ruling Elders will be rescheduled to a future meeting.
The link will take you to the Presbyterian Church (USA) website. You will need the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to complete this form. You may save the completed form to your computer.