Director of Children’s Education, Yorkfield Presbyterian Church, Elmhurst, IL


The Director of Children’s Education (DCE) has the primary staff responsibility for oversight and management of the children and youth Christian Education programs at Yorkfield Presbyterian Church. The Christian Education program includes congregation members from 3-year-olds through high school, including Sunday School, the mid-week after-school program for grades 1-8, and Vacation Bible School.


  1. The DCE will work closely with the Christian Education Commission (CE) to recruit and manage volunteers to provide meaningful Christian Education for the congregation’s children and youth.
  2. They will recruit and train all volunteers who work with children and youth.
  3. They will evaluate and select age and content-appropriate curriculum for the Sunday School, mid-week programs, and Confirmation classes, in consultation with teachers, the Pastor, and CE.
  4. The DCE is responsible for the development of the yearly budget for Education and has day-to-day oversight of all Education-related budget items in consultation with CE.
  5. They are responsible for coordinating and participating in the grade 1-8 mid-week program.
  6. They will organize and direct Vacation Bible School.
  7. They will oversee the Safe Practices Committee and see that all are properly trained, and members are informed of a policy in place.
  8. They will meet regularly for staff meetings to plan and coordinate programming.
  9. They will participate in ongoing continuing education events.
  10. They will be the point of contact for new families visiting the church and work to build the family into church membership.
  11. Other duties or responsibilities assigned by Pastor.


YPC is open to negotiating this position at either an average of 20 hours a week or 30 hours a week (with appropriate scale in pay). During the program year (especially when the mid-week program is in session) there will be weeks when the hours will be higher, and other times (Summer, except for the week of VBS) when the hours are less. The DCE may exercise flexibility in the use of their hours, but the following will be normal components:

  1. Weekly attendance at Sunday School (September-May) & the Wednesday after-school (3:30-7:30 pm) program (September-March)
  2. Vacation Bible School (most often in July)
  3. Training/planning meetings with teachers prior to the start of each program
  4. Monthly attendance at Christian Education meetings
  5. Weekly attendance at Staff Meetings, or with Pastor


  1. The DCE is an employee of the Church, hired by the Session and accountable to the Pastor.
  2. The DCE will provide brief written monthly reports to Session.

Required Skills and Experience

  1. The DCE may be a layperson or ordained clergy.
  2. Display strong organizational and communication skills to coordinate volunteers, staff, and families.
  3. Be creative and seek ways to continue offering exciting programs.
  4. Demonstrate enthusiasm, skill, and a passion for working with children in a church setting.
  5. Demonstrate an ability to understand and implement Christian & Reformed curriculum.
  6. Have an ability to interpret and integrate religious education into the ministry of the church.
  7. Demonstrate proficiency in computer programs, including Google docs, PowerPoint, Excel, and Word.


  1. The DCE will need to have regularly scheduled office hours and be present on Sundays from Labor Day to Memorial Day.
  2. They must have a flexible schedule to accommodate the program schedule.

Evaluation & Review

  1. The DCE’s ministry will be evaluated by the Pastor and representatives of the Administration & Personnel Commission at the end of 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, and then annually thereafter.


The Office Administration staff, photocopy, and computer services are available to the DCE.  The DCE will work closely with the Office Manager to make certain that all printed materials for distribution and mailing are submitted to the staff in a timely fashion.

Salary & Benefits

  1. Continuing education dollars are available on an as requested and approved basis
  2. Two weeks of vacation
  3. This is a salaried position.


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