Director of Finance & Accounting, First Presbyterian Church, Evanston

POSITION TITLE:      Director of Finance & Accounting

EMPLOYMENT STATUS: Exempt – Salaried REPORTING TO: Head of Staff / Senior Pastor

SUPPORTING: Senior Staff, Church Treasurer, Board of Trustees, Budget Committee, Finance and Endowment Committee, Personnel Council and Stewardship Committee



The Director of Finance & Accounting is the senior-most employee responsible for all matters of finance and accounting. This person effectively implements, oversees and executes financial accounting functions, payroll preparation, employee benefits and other fiscal matters of the church and coordinates with many staff- and lay-led councils and committees.



A. Finance & Accounting
    • Manage all accounting and finance functions for the
    • Oversee monthly reconciliations, journal entries and account
    • Prepare necessary materials for independent audits and tax
    • Oversee payroll, including time off accruals and related journal entries and transfer funds.
    • Oversee all non-building purchasing and vendor relationships, including all IT
    • Maintain records associated with Primary Duties.
    • Make recommendations to the relevant decision makers as to improvements that should be made to the reporting and budgetary processes, policies, systems and reporting requirements.
B. Risk Management, Benefits & HR Records
  • Manage all insurance premiums, pension payments, and benefit
  • Manage compliance and statutory reporting requirements.


C. IT Oversight
  • Maintain an inventory of church-owned IT resources, including location/person assigned.
  • Coordinate with the Director of Communications and make recommendations to the Building Committee about IT hardware and software purchases.
  • Collaborate with Administrative Associate regarding Realm database
  • Proactively determine whether the systems used by the business office are appropriate and make recommendations as necessary.


D. Support Services for Lay Leadership & Staff
  • Support staff with timely information to make decisions.
  • Assist the Budget Committee in budget
  • Assist the Stewardship Committee in giving trend analysis and
  • Assist the Personnel Committee in tracking employment costs.
  • Assist and support Trustee Board and church
  • Attend Trustee and Budget meetings.
  • Attend Finance & Endowment and Stewardship meetings upon request.
  • Assist the Building Committee and coordinate on matters relating to building projects and related contracts.
  • Oversee preparation and distribution of financial and related reports as
  • Oversee preparation and distribution of monthly financial statements to all councils and TCC Board.


E. Supervision & Other
  • Oversee Senior Accountant who works up to 30 hours per week.
  • Oversee material purchases and contracts of IT hardware and systems as well as other material office assets.
  • Other duties as assigned




An annual, written review of performance will be conducted by the Head of Staff in conjunction with the Personnel Ministry Council and other designated lay leaders. An annual review of compensation will be conducted by the Personnel Ministry Council.



Salary will be determined by budget, education, experience and qualifications with an initial target of $75,000 to $85,000 per year.



  • Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Finance, or Business with at least five years of highly relevant experience.
  • Demonstrated knowledge and skills necessary to effectively complete Primary
  • High attention to detail and commitment to accuracy.
  • Able to work under the pressure of important deadlines.
  • Proactive leadership skills and a spirit of continuous improvement; strong team player with a friendly and supportive attitude. Willing to lead improvements to existing procedures to improve efficiency, governance and communication.
  • Responsive and attentive; Adaptable and quick to respond via email and phone.
  • Ability and willingness to develop improved reporting and analytical tools to inform staff and lay leaders and assist them in their decision-making.
  • Strong communication skills; Able to explain financial concepts to those who may lack basic knowledge of accounting.
  • Committed to maintaining strict confidentiality of church members’ financial contributions and staff personnel
  • Demonstrate effective time management and ability to prioritize multiple tasks in an office environment characterized by frequent interruptions.
  • Fluent with technology and information systems.
  • Highly experienced and efficient with Excel; comfortable with other Microsoft office software.
  • Able to attend council meetings during the evening (approximately one to two nights each month and as necessary from time to time).
  • A desire to serve the staff, church members and the community at large. Comfortable operating in a faith-based organization.


Please submit resume and cover letter with at least three references to