Churches in the Presbytery of Chicago

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The Calling of the Church

Book of Order F-1.03

Communities of


The Church is to be a community of faith,
entrusting itself to God alone,
even at the risk of losing its life.

Communities of


The Church is to be a community of hope,
rejoicing in the sure and certain knowledge
that, in Christ, God is making a new creation.
This new creation is a new beginning for human
life and for all things. The Church lives in the
present on the strength of that promised new creation.



Communities of


The Church is to be a community of love,
where sin is forgiven, reconciliation is accomplished,
and the dividing walls of hostility are torn down.

Communities of


The Church is to be a community of witness,
pointing beyond itself through word and work
to the good news of God’s transforming
grace in Christ Jesus its Lord.






   The   Sacraments


The 6

Great Ends

of the


BOO F-1.0304


The        Confessions


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